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Mixed Waste Processing

All of New Planet Energy’s processing and storage is managed indoors in a modern state-of-the-art facility using the most effective equipment to increase quality and uptime while reducing processing costs.

New Planet Energy’s Waste Processing facility initially will process up to 1,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day. 

The system can be sized to meet the needs of the municipality.

How it works

  • The processing of MSW begins with the liberation and separation of material using a specialized spiked trommel. ​​

  • Sorters positively separate the bulky plastics, metals, and clean cardboard. A series of advanced magnets are then used to remove all metals before the primary shredder.

  • The primary shredder uniformly sizes the material for further 2D & 3D separation before going through the optical sorters.

  • New Planet's optical sorters are capable of sorting plastics by type and removing any contaminants affecting the value of New Planet Fuel.

  • The secondary shredder sizes the New Planet Fuel to specifications before it is tested for quality and moisture. Any excess moisture is removed using non-thermal dryers.

  • Once the process is completed, all recyclables are baled and sold into re-usable markets to help create a sustainable environment for future generations.

New Planet Energy Projects

New Planet currently has several projects under development in the United States, such as the project being currently developed in St. Louis, Missouri. All projects are based on reliable proven recycling technology modeled after the 100-plus successful New Planet Fuel production plants in Europe. We will create sustainable jobs and provide a variety of positive economic benefits for the local communities. All of our recycling processes are done indoors using state-of-the-art technologies to produce superior, ultra-clean products currently in demand and can easily be sold into the recycling market.

See an example of a Similar Process

To see an example of a similar style of Mixed Waste Processing system that we could bring to your municipality, watch the video about the Davis Material Recovery Facility in Layton, Utah, which is owned by the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District (WIWMD), via the link below. 


Similar to New Planet’s solution, the equipment in the WIWMD facility was designed and provided by CP Group, which is the same equipment provider New Planet trusts for its system. Additionally, New Planet’s planning team member, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., was also involved with the WIWMD facility and brings that experience to our team.

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