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New Planet Energy’s vision is to help cities adopt more innovative and sustainable solutions to address the rising costs of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal and to help reduce critical greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change.


By using the New Planet Energy solution, we will help cities transition their traditional solid waste management programs into programs that afford all residents the opportunity to participate in recycling and divert waste from landfills.

Why New Planet Energy?

  • New Planet presents a much-needed solution to the traditional business model of trash disposal and recycling by providing all residents the opportunity for recycling participation.

  • As much as 80% of waste can be diverted from landfills – extending the life of landfills and using valuable commodities currently being thrown away.

  • New Planet's primary product is Solid Recovered Fuel which is a clean, environmentally-friendly high-BTU value, cost-effective replacement for fossil fuels we call New Planet Fuel.

  • When New Planet Fuel is used, it can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 70% compared to fossil fuels.

  • All of New Planet's recyclables are sold to companies that use them as raw materials to make new products.

Our Vision
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New Planet's goal and commitment is to work with communities to:

  • Develop sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to the increasing costs of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal.

  • Extend the life of existing landfills with up to an 80% diversion rate. 

  • Presort and properly utilize recyclables and organics.

  • Convert post-recycled MSW into an EPA-approved alternative fuel known as New Planet Fuel.

  • Improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas and air emissions.

  • Create construction and long-term "green jobs" with significant economic benefit to local communities.

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