Accelerating St. Louis towards a true Circular Economy through innovative waste processing.

New Planet in St. Louis

New Planet Energy proposes to construct and operate a modern, reliable waste processing facility in St. Louis that will recover and convert over 80% of the waste material disposed in what are today are St. Louis residents’ green, brown and blue bins—but in the near future can be one bin—into a high-energy, low-emission fuel product that will power industrial plants and extract valuable recyclables.

About the facility

New Planet's proposed facility will be located within North St. Louis and will be fully permitted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. By contracting with New Planet for its residential waste management capacity, the City can become one of the first major cities in the US to substantially achieve a Zero Waste Goal, accelerating the City towards a true Circular Economy and balancing City residents’ strong desire to live sustainable lives while being fiscally responsible.


New Planet is committed to offering cities innovative and sustainable solutions to the rising costs of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal and to help reduce critical greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause climate change. 

It’s time to get St. Louis moving and New Planet Energy is prepared to set everything in motion.

Goals for OUR 
St. Louis project

  • Achieve a Zero Waste Goal. St. Louis can become one of the first major cities in the US to substantially achieve this.

  • Significant cost savings. The city can achieve more than an overall 80% landfill diversion rate at a cost less than half of the area’s current recycling rates. In addition, handling recycling in this way reduces wear and tear on city streets and the city’s fleet of trucks.

  • Reduce St. Louis’s carbon footprint by diverting almost all its trash from landfills, which are a major source of methane gas. 

  • Job creation with a focus on hiring minorities. This project will create many well-paying green jobs. 

  • Make a major investment in the City. We are prepared to make a $90 million investment in North St. Louis with a properly permitted property.

  • Balance City residents’ strong desire to live sustainably while being fiscally responsible.

We encourage St. Louisans (both living in the City of St. Louis and the surrounding area) to call or send messages to their local city alderperson or elected representative and ask that they seriously consider New Planet’s proposal for managing the St. Louis area’s waste stream responsibly. It will take a village of committed individuals to turn its municipal waste practices around, but this one small step is more impactful than you may initially think. Your representative is responsive to the needs and wants of you and your community. If you want a change for the better on how waste is managed in your hometown, we need your help asking for it.

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Fiscal Impact & Economic Benefits

The Beneficial Economic Impacts of NEW PLANET ENERGY’s facility in St. Louis, MO include:

During construction:

  • $103.4 million in local spending

  • 409 jobs (direct, indirect, induced)

  • $26.3 million in wages & benefits

  • $43.7 million in value-added impacts*

  • $91.6 million in purchases of intermediate inputs**

  • $135.3 million in total value-added economic impact

Annual operations:

  • $42.2 million per year in local spending

  • 247 jobs (direct, indirect, induced)

  • $12.4 million per year in wages & benefits

  • $21.2 million per year in value-added impacts*

  • $33.6 million per year in purchases of intermediate inputs**

  • $54.8 million per year in total value-added economic impact

* value-added impact measures the income generated to other businesses in the county from production once the cost of inputs is removed. This income includes countywide payments to labor, net earnings of local businesses, countywide returns on investment, as well as revenues from taxes and fees collected by local governments.

** intermediate inputs are the goods and services (including energy, raw materials, semi-finished goods, and services) that are used in the production process to produce other goods or services.

Climate  Change Benefits & Greenhouse Gas (GHG)


  • Over 80% landfill diversion and becomes the first major metropolitan area to substantially achieve its Zero Waste goal.

  • Saves 4.54 million tons of GHG emissions over the life of the project, which is a 383% improvement over the current practice.¹

  • Diverts ~270,000 tons of waste per year from area landfills.  Landfilled waste is the 3rd largest source of biogenic methane gas release to the environment.

  • Environmental benefits equal to:

    • Removal of ~48,000 cars from the road each year,

    • Conservation of ~512 million gallons of gasoline over the life of the project, or

    • Conservation of ~190 million cylinders of propane over the life of the project.²

  • Social Justice benefits³ stemming from improved health conditions, cleaner air, and better-paying jobs with New Planet's investment in a proposed Opportunity and Promise Zone.

1. GHG emissions calculations based on output from EPA WARM model, version 15

2. Savings include additional 34,000 tpy to adjust for SRF combustion compared to 100% coal baseline fuel used by cement kiln

3. Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: Fourth National Climate Assessment, doi:10.7930/nca4.2018

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reductions


Grey Trendline: Cumulative GHG Savings

Orange Bars: GHG Emissions from Current Landfilling

Green Bars: Anticipated Reduced GHG Emissions with New Planet’s Solution

To see an example of a similar style of Mixed Waste Processing system that we could bring to St. Louis, watch the video about the Davis Material Recovery Facility in Layton, Utah, which is owned by the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District (WIWMD), via the link below. 


Similar to New Planet’s solution, the equipment in the WIWMD facility was designed and provided by CP Group, which is the same equipment provider New Planet trusts for its system. Additionally, New Planet’s planning team member, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., was also involved with the WIWMD facility and brings that experience to our team.

Local development TEAM


Sonette Magnus

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Ms. Magnus is a lawyer for a prominent St. Louis-based Law firm, Lewis Rice, who counsels corporate clients through all phases of commercial litigation, including pre-suit evaluations, discovery, mediation, expert witness preparation, trial preparation and when advisable, trial. She regularly creates and implements litigation strategy, always being mindful of the external factors that can influence a trial (such as geography, socio-economic realities, and jury composition). Sonette represents clients in courts throughout the U.S. State and Federal Courts. For the New Planet team, Ms. Magnus provides expert legal advice and lends her considerable experience navigating local St. Louis regulations.


Ms. Magnus also practices in the Governmental Solutions and Administrative Law Department, where her experience includes implementing practical strategies to achieve business results and influencing public policy in the greater St. Louis area. She focuses on bridging strategic alliances between the public and private sectors, particularly shepherding public-private partnerships. Prior to joining Lewis Rice, Ms. Magnus practiced at a mid-size local law firm, and she was a law clerk to Chief Judge Kathy A. Surratt-States of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Ms. Magnus was selected by her peers for inclusion in Best Lawyers® Ones to Watch for 2021.


Clifford Franklin

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Mr. Franklin serves as the president of FUSE3, a St. Louis-based, full-service integrated advertising firm and Final Phase Marketing. He is the CEO of the online urban video network, FUSE3 serves high-profile clients, such as CNN, Hyundai, IBM, Anheuser Busch, and Safeway. FUSE3 was also the African American advertising agency of record for the historic Obama for President Campaign in 2008 and 2012, among other local, state, and national campaigns. FUSE3 has also worked with governmental entities. According to Advertising Age, FUSE3 is the 4th largest independent African American-owned advertising agency in the country. On the local development team for New Planet Energy’s St. Louis project, Mr. Franklin advises on local public and media relations.


A lifelong resident of St. Louis, Mr. Franklin has served on numerous local boards including St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association, ARCHS, and is a life member and National Board Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. He donates vast amounts of time and resources to community and philanthropic organizations.

Charlie Brown Headshot full size.jpg

Charlie Brown

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Charles Brown founded St. Louis-based Regency Enterprise Services in 2004 and has nearly 20 years of managerial experience in the operations and fleet maintenance side of the waste industry. He is the current president of Regency Enterprise Services, a company that provides project management, facility management, event management and cleanup, environmental consulting, and business consulting services to companies locally and nationwide. To the St. Louis local development team for New Planet Energy, Mr. Brown lends his considerable professional waste management and business development experience.


Mr. Brown is heavily committed to the St. Louis community, as evidenced by his membership on the Board of Directors for the Mary Ryder Home, a local organization and residence that provides low-income senior women in St. Louis a safe home, nutritional meals, medical care, and an array of programs and services focused on promoting healthy aging and enhancing their quality of life both physically and mentally. In his free time, Mr. Brown advocates for economic development in the City of St. Louis.


St. Louis System Design, Equipment, Project Planning and Financing team members include: