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Ryan Bird, CEO

New Planet Energy Development LLC

Phone: (201) 954-4841


April 4, 2022

St. Louis, MO. New Planet Energy Development LLC (“New Planet”), an innovative solutions provider for solid waste management, has launched a print and online campaign, New Beginnings. The campaign introduces its vision for a new approach to waste disposal in the St. Louis Region.

New Planet is ready to construct a modern, reliable waste processing facility in North St. Louis that will recover, reuse, and divert more than 80% of residential trash from landfills. “We are eager to bring this much-needed green solution, and all of its benefits, to the residents of the St. Louis Metro Area”, said Ryan Bird, CEO of New Planet.

The U.S. recycling industry is presently at a crossroads for many reasons, including global trade dynamics. In cities where recycling is important to residents, local officials are searching for answers to maximize recycling and landfill diversion. New Planet proposes an innovative and proven solution to effectively sort recyclables, maximize resource recovery, and create a U.S. government-approved alternative fuel from residential trash. Their resulting product, called Solid Recovered Fuel, will serve as a renewable energy source in local industrial plants offsetting the use of fossil fuels.

“This could be an enormous win for the environment and for St. Louis. The proven solution we propose will simplify the collection process for residents and haulers, drastically reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the wear and tear and noise on streets, and offer a more sustainable solution for years to come,” says Bird, “This is why we named our campaign New Beginnings.”

Some of the benefits of the New Planet solution include:

  • Building up to a $90M state-of-the-art waste processing facility in North St. Louis.

  • Surpassing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions savings goals established by the City of St. Louis by reducing trucks on the streets and diverting waste from landfills which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases.

  • Simplifying the waste collection process, thereby creating a more effective system that is less confusing for residents, allowing for 100% resident participation in recycling.

  • Minimizing the noise, wear, and tear on City streets.

  • Bringing good-paying jobs to the region by hiring approximately 90 local and minority workers.


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