Solid Recovered Fuel


Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is a consistent, high-energy, renewable fossil fuel substitute.


Our SRF will be used in energy-intensive industries at a material price reduction to current fossil fuels.

  • SRF is an U.S. EPA-approved renewable fossil fuel replacement. Using SRF will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as compared to other fossil fuels.​​

  • SRF can be engineered to a range of specifications for size, moisture, and energy content to meet customer requirements.

  • SRF is a reliable energy source replacing coal, oil, and natural gas currently being used in energy-intensive industries. 

  • In Europe, SRF is helping cement producers achieve a 40% fuel substitution rate, significantly reducing negative impacts on the environment.

  • Moreover, materials being landfilled are put to good use as a sustainable and renewable fuel.

  • Household materials such as wood, organics, yard waste, textiles, paper, and plastics can all be used to create SRF.

  • Because of our mixed waste processing and production of SRF, we are able to divert and use as much as 90% of the incoming waste stream.

  • In working with our partners and vendors, New Planet will continue its efforts to develop and operate true zero-waste facilities.